Sinatra Murphy Pty Ltd A studio approach to Landscape Architecture

Sinatra Murphy often works in collaboration with, or in association with architects, larger landscape architecture offices, urban designers, artists and contractors for an integrated approach to realising the vision of a design. This approach enables Sinatra Murphy to work as sub-consultants, members of design teams, and designers for 'projects within projects' to bring a unique contribution to a project.

Sinatra Murphy values its ‘studio’ approach to design as both an essential part of undertaking projects, and a signature of its work. Jim Sinatra and Phin Murphy maintain a commitment to working collaboratively on projects to maximize the input of skills and ensure the best result. The studio has a reputation for its skills in front-end design, conceptualising the broad vision of projects, and identifying a key element that provides direction throughout the design process. An important aspect of maintaining a small practice is a degree of flexibility to work closely with contractors throughout installation. Together with skills in writing, and the experience of publishing, Sinatra Murphy provides a diverse resource for a range of landscape related projects.


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