1998 What are the Education Needs, Hopes and Aspirations of the Murray-Darling Aboriginal Community? Under the auspices of the RMIT ORA Program in collaboration with the Murray-Darling Aboriginal Community, and the Department of Social and Community Services RMIT. ISBN 0864447795.

“When I went to school I learnt nothing! Now I can see a way to teach my grand kids what they want and what I want too, for them to be taught…I’d like to see them learn their culture and learn the whiteman’s education properly, not crooked, straight down the line…” Barkindji Elder, 1997

In 1997 the Murray-Darling Aboriginal Community invited RMIT University to help them achieve their hopes of having a variety of appropriate education and training courses available through and Education Development Program. This invitation was based on an established trust relationship. Jim Sinatra and Phin Murphy were invited through the RMIT OutReach Australia (ORA) Program to help develop and participate in the Action Research Project due to past experiences of working with indigenous communities around the country. This story documents the results of working with the Murray-Darling Aboriginal Community, recording the community’s hopes and aspirations in improved education.


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