Sinatra Murphy Pty Ltd was established in 1991 as a landscape practice with a design ethos formed through experiences of working in rural and remote Australia. Primary areas of interest include artistic expressions in
landscape projects that celebrate the cultures of people and the spirit of nature, and a commitment to working with indigenous groups.

The practice's experiences in rural and remote areas have been essential in driving the sensitivity of design. In the urban context Sinatra Murphy is committed to exploring the role of art in expressing a landscape's identity. Artistic expression is inspired by both literal and enigmatic aspects of the Australian landscape, and developed in a manner to allow the landscape to determine the spirit of a site. The ultimate intention is a presence of place that has the strength and conviction in its elements being born from the site. This is also an important approach to larger Master Planning projects where the intent is often to search for the key element that becomes the fundamental thread of the design concept.

Sinatra Murphy has worked with indigenous groups around the continent since 1991. Projects have included community planning, community development, documenting community hopes and aspirations, participatory landscape design, and projects for Reconciliation. They have also included the establishment of landscape strategies for community improvement based on culturally responsive principles, and identifying the landscape as a critical 'medium' for addressing health issues associated with remote settlements.


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