1997 Landscape for Health: Settlement Planning and Development for Better Health in Rural and Remote Indigenous Australia ISBN 0 864446 41 1, RMIT ORA.

Landscape for Health was carried out over a three year period with Walungurru (Kintore) Community, NT, Old Mapoon Community, Qld, and a long standing relationship with Ladjardarr Bay Aboriginal Corporation, WA.

The report was published through the RMIT OutReach Australia (ORA) Program focusing on the role of better settlement planning and development for improved health in rural and remote indigenous communities throughout the continent. It recognizes the importance of the landscape in developing appropriate living environments.

The intent of the report is to challenge government bodies, other organizations and indigenous communities to develop a vision for improving health issues related to living environments, allowing fundamental elements such as culture, social needs and location to determine innovative alternatives to present developments.

The report recognises that current Eurocentric settlement patterns contribute to poor health, and aims to establish community involvement as critical to broad national health strategies for rural indigenous communities.


  • AILA Victorian and Tasmanian Groups Landscape Excellence Award, 1999.
  • AILA National Project Award of Merit: Research and Communication, 1998.

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